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    OEM12C: using emcli to set property on an agent

    Daryl E.
      Probably an easy question .. cant get the syntax right..

      Trying to set the Contact info for all targets, agents/hosts/etc

      Show me all the agents:
      emcli get_targets -targets=oracle_emd

      Use some scripting magic but showing just one...

      emcli set_target_property_value -property_records="myhost:3872:oracle_emd:Contact:johndoe@hotmail.com" -propogate_to_members

      I figure the :3872 is throwing it off.

      Syntax Error: Invalid value for parameter "INVALID_RECORD_ERR": "myhost:3872:oracle_emd:Contact:johndoe@hotmail.com"

      Works fine at the host level .. but then it misses the agent with the propogate statement.