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    Task Details form>What is a purpose of the Work Type field?

      On the Task Details form there is a field called Work Type. Is it used in R12 or 11?
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          Dina Rotem

          Work Type is available in R11.5.10 and in R12.

          Here is the text found on Oracle Projects Implementation Guide -

          Defining Work Types
          You define work types to represent a classification of work. You use work types to classify both actual and scheduled work. For example, a professional services enterprise
          could define the following work types:
          • Analysis
          • Design
          • External Training
          • Implementation
          • Non-Worked Time
          • Support

          You can use work types to classify work for the following purposes:
          • Determining the billability of expenditure items
          • Classifying cross charge amounts into cost and revenue for cross-charged work
          • Assigning attributes for utilization reporting

          Note: Work types roll up to resource and organization utilization categories. You define this roll up when you define work types.

          You assign work types when you define project types, project templates, projects, financial tasks, team roles, project requirements, and project assignments. You also
          assign a work types to expenditure items when you enter transactions.

          Note: The default work type for a project or project template comes from its project type. The default work type for each top-level financial task comes from the project-level work type. The default work type for each subtask comes from its parent task. The work type that you assign to a lowest-level financial task is the default work type when you enter or import an expenditure item for that task. If you set the profile option
          PA: Require Work Type Entry for Expenditures to Yes, then work type is a required value for project types, project templates, projects, and financial tasks.

          Important: You must define work types before you can create any of the following items in Oracle Projects:
          • Team roles
          • Project requirements
          • Project assignments
          If no work types exist, then you receive errors when you attempt to create these items.

          A work type is distinct from an expenditure type. Expenditure types classify the type of cost incurred on a transaction, whereas a work type classifies the type of work to be performed or actually performed. For example, you can enter and expenditure item for a task with an expenditure type of Clerical Labor to represent the type of cost incurred, and assign the expenditure item a work type such as Analysis to identify the type of work performed.