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    planning application not open after waiting for a while on workspace

      On hyperion, we just created a planning application, everything was fine and we continued to develop and loaded data for testing. After a few days, the app began unresponsive.
      It doesn't return any error or something like that.In addition,we can use smart view as usual, connect to application and open forms etc.
      I searched in logs and i realized something lke java.lang out of memory, and then i thought maybe,the problem could be memory.
      Firstly, i increased the planning java heap size by using regedit, but it didn't solve. One more try using setDomainEnv.cmd under C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\EPMSystem\bin to increase java heap size, again it is unsuccessful too.
      We experienced this issue for two times. Both of them are running on windows 2008 EnterpriseEdition 32 bit version and have Oracle database client to different server.
      Is there any special stuation for 32 bit.

      Thank you in advance.