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    logical foreign key

      Hi All,

      I apologize to bring similar question. .
      I am able to create the logical foreign key for logical table A with new joining condition (A.2=B.2) (2 is calculated logical column).
      However there still exist Physical foreign key join with old condition (A1.=B.1). When I deploy this rpd, the report generates sql with (A1.=B.1) join condition.

      Then,I removed this Physical foreign key join in rpd,and got a warning' logical dimension B has a source that does not join with any fact table' in consistency check.

      Still after deploying this rpd , I am getting error [nQSError: 14025] No fact table exists at the requested level of detail: in report.

      I am missing anything.The logical foreign key has correct join condition still it is not over riding the physical join.

      Thanks for going through this question,

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          Based on your comments I'm looking at documentation:
          I found a Note: A logical key for a fact table must be made up of the key columns that join to the attribute tables. Logical foreign key joins may be needed if the Oracle BI Server is to be used as an ODBC data source for certain third-party query and reporting tools.

          I need to see why ODBC, and unlike the Logical Foreign key join is not overriding join Physical layer.

          Btw: Since you want to go with a join using defined logical column, can you use the same expression in Physical join using expression builder?

          This should work.

          EX: T43770.DEPARTMENT_ID = case when T43764.DEPARTMENT_ID > 10 then T43764.DEPARTMENT_ID else 0 end

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