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    Coherence Extend C++

      We are running a 36 node storage cluster with 9 proxies. The application written in C++ starts to get timeouts from Coherence extend which we have set to 5s around 30 minutes into heavy put load. At this point it will fall over as it continues to fall behind. The problem came about when we updated from -> Is there any known issue with the current release which would trigger this behavior?

      I have also noticed at some points the client will appear to stop functioning and we will no longer get timeouts.

      I can provide configuration as needed.
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          I've not heard of any issues in this area.

          We run C++ extend clients on, (not .7), and have no issues, (upgrading from, so any issue must have been introduced after

          We're in the process of upgrading to (soon to be .8) so will watch this issue and also feed back on any thing we find.

          Have you changed anything else at the same time? Have you run a network test recently?