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      • 15. Re: unique constraint not working
        Solomon Yakobson
        user13755008 wrote:
        Even dropping and creating the constraint again didn't work. Any ideas out there?. Thanks
        According to what you posted UK columns are:
        So why you are showing us results of:
        select * from nc3.hsrp_track where <font color=red size=3>odbid</font>= 87820678;
        and not
        select * from nc3.hsrp_track where <font color=red size=3>odbid_eqp</font>= 87820377;
        Anyway, row you are trying to insert has:
        ODBID_EQP = 87820377
        OBJECT_NUM = '1'
        INTERFACE = 'Serial0/0'
        START_DATE = '2013-01-18'
        So issue:
        select  count(*)
          from  nc3.hsrp_track
          where ODBID_EQP = 87820377
            and OBJECT_NUM = '1'
            and INTERFACE = 'Serial0/0'
            and START_DATE = '2013-01-18'
        and post result.

        P.S. '2013-01-18' is not a date and '2013-01-18-11:29:29.436033' is not a timestamp. They are strings. Use TO_DATE/TO_TIMESTAMP or, in this case, use DATE/TIMESTAMP literals.
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