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    Oracle Document Editor : Not generating complaint data


      I am using Oracle document editor version 7.0.5. We are dealing with 834 and 820 transactions. For testing these I tried to create sample data by using Oracle Document editor. Below are the steps followed

      1. In Document Editor under EDI guideline and selected HIPAA V5010 820*218 and created ecs file
      2. Exported the XSD using the ecs file
      3. Using Data Generator, generated test data by providing the guideline (ecs created in step 1)
      4. Followed all the default options mentioned in Oracle documentation
      5. Once data created, tried analyzing the data by mapping it against the ecs file
      6. Get errors

      Can somebody let me know if i am missing something here, I tried executing the above for 834 and 820 none of them worked. But when i tried a Sample X12 850 - Purchase order, the data generated was correct.