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    scripts_run by dbca

    Santosh Pradhan
      Hi ,

      Can anyone plz tell me which are ALL the scripts which automatically get run by DBCA in ORACLE 11G Enterprise Edition.
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          Peter Häusler
          there are some standard scripts and also some script which depents on that what you are selecting. What you can do is to start the dbca and go through the last screen. In this Screen it ask you also to save the scipts. Save it and read it, this should answer you question.

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            You can see scripts generated by DBCA as below
            On step 2 of DBCA, select the database template as 'Custom Database'.
            On the last step DBCA will ask whether you want to create the database or just generate the scripts.

            Choosing 'General Purpose' or any other template on step 2 will not give the option of creating just the scripts.
            How to generate Sample Database Creation Scripts using 10G DBCA (Doc ID 272397.1)