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    merge the new oracle.com account with my old OTN Forums' nick

      Hello, At http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/contact/about-your-account-070507.html# (at "Oracle.com Login FAQ's" section), i have read that: How do I change the e-mail address on my MyProfile? You can update the e-mail address on your account by logging in to the account and clicking on the link in the top right corner ‘Change E-mail’.

      Ok, i logged in to my OTN account with my old address (so my old email, XXXX and the password), then at the top of page there is a Welcome Sorin ( Account | Help | Sign Out ) , so i clicked on Account, and then i choosed to modify my username. Current username is displayed in bold, as being XXXX (my company's email ID, which i want to change to my personal one). Below there are text fields for the current password, the new username, and new username confirmation.
      However, when i enter the new username i want (XXXX, which was created by me and currently the Oracle Certification Program Support Team have associated with my existing certification informations), it tells me that the username already exists (yes, it exists because i have created this) and i should specify other username. But this is not what I want. So I want all the information which belongs to my old username's SSO login for my OTN account (that of XXXX), to be transferred to my new username (XXXX). For example, my OTN Forums' user is 'Roger22' now (my old account, which belongs to XXXX). From! now, I want to associate the OTN forums' account with my NEW SSO email address (XXXX), and the forum user (Roger22), my threads, etc, to remain under Roger22 account, not a new user generated (user9031422 for example). Now when i log in to OTN forums using XXXX account, i got a new username generated, and no posts. I hope you understant what i want. Thank you!

      The request i've submitted is AHR100140386 - Account Helpdesk Request_14-JAN-13, but no response until now.


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