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    Broadcasting a script

      Hi guys.

      I have Ops center running in my Data Center with around 47 assets. I have a script that resides on my Ops Center server. Is it possible for me to place that very script on all 47 assets using Ops Center ? I have gone through the Operational Profiles but that way I can only execute a script on the assets . How can I transfer a script to all my assets ?

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          What OS type? For anything except S11, you can upload the script as a config file under Libraries-Local Content. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27363_01/doc.121/e27511/ftr_software_libraries.htm#OPCFG2820

          This will let you put the file out there on each host.

          For S11 it's a little bit different and at the time we don't have a way that I can think of to accomplish this. (You could use an Op Profile that basically "cat's" the script content to a file, not sure if that would be sufficient?)
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            Ok thanks I get it now BUT that option is disabled. Why and how can I get to enable it ?