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    Connecting To Discussion Server From JDev (


      I am trying to use discussion server from JDev but now we need to define security policies while creating a discussion server connection. Because their i need to key an alias key, I tried to update the keystore when I am trying to update the credentails using the following commands in WLST:

      updateCred(map="oracle.wsm.security", key="keystore-csf-key", user="owsm", password="welcome1", desc="Keystore key")
      updateCred(map="oracle.wsm.security", key="enc-csf-key", user="webcenter", password="welcome1", desc="Encryption key")
      updateCred(map="oracle.wsm.security", key="sign-csf-key", user="webcenter", password="welcome1", desc="Signing key")

      i am getting the following error:

      WLSTException: Error occured while performing save : Cannot call Edit functions when you are not in the Edit tree.

      I am not clear how to avoid it. And not sure how to install EM on this domain so that I can update the keys from there.

      Would appreciate if there is any blog which explains how to use discussion server from jdev