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    Facing problem in SFTP File Transfer in OSB 11gR1


      We are facing issue in SFTP File transfer from a very long time now.
      We have created around 10 SFTP Services which are configured to transfer files from One server to another in the entire application setup.

      Each SFTP Service consists of a Proxy service of SFTP type, which calls Biz Service and transfers files in default pattern.

      These services were running successfully from a long time, but from past 2-3 months, files are not getting transferred to target folder everytime.
      i.e. After restarting managed server, they get transfered for few days, but start giving problem after some time.

      I have checked full configuration settings, file paths, also i have checked file names to trace duplicacies if any, but there is no such possibility of passing duplicate files as file names consists of timestamps.

      We have a clustered domain setup with 2 managed servers configured running in 2 instances.

      The observations in case of error while passing file are as follows :
      1. A file named abc.xyz is kept in Source Directory.
      2. abc.xyz gets converted to abc.xyz%.stage file in some time.
      3. It does not move to archive directory nor to target directory.

      All servers are up as it is PROD Environment and hence no server issue.

      While testing same services in SIT Servers, we never face any issue.

      Proxy Service configuration is as below :

      Authentication Mode      Username Password
      Service Account      *****NOT TO BE DISCLOSED*****
      Timeout      60
      File Mask      [*.*]
      Scan SubDirectories      false
      Pass By Reference      false
      Remote Streaming      true
      Post Read Action      archive
      Archive Directory      *****NOT TO BE DISCLOSED*****
      Error Directory      *****NOT TO BE DISCLOSED*****
      Retry Count      5
      Managed Server      *****ONE OF THE MANAGED SERVERS*****
      Polling Interval      900
      Read Limit      0
      Sort By Arrival      false
      Request encoding      utf-8

      We have mentioned different polling intervals for different services. Values used are : 450, 900, 1800, etc.

      Please guide for solution of this problem ASAP.

      Cheena Malhotra

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