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    CLSU-00100: Operating System function: CLSU-00104 CLSU-00103:

      we are getting error while applying patch on GI
      atch /oracle/p14727347_112030_AIX64-5L/15876003 apply successful for home /oracle11g/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid
      CLSU-00100: Operating System function: waitpid failed with error data: 2
      CLSU-00101: Operating System error message: No such file or directory
      CLSU-00103: error location: usrgetgrp12
      CLSU-00104: additional error information: child returned 232.

      what i need to do .

      OS AIX 6.1 Oracle version:

      our ASM instance is down what i need to to start this,