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    SFTP Bursting Faling but Email is working fine, Need Help (Oracle BI Publis

      I am in Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise


      INVOICE_NO as "KEY",
      'Proforma EBS Template_Burst.rtf' TEMPLATE,
      'host name' PARAMETER1,
      'userid' PARAMETER2,
      'password' PARAMETER3,
      '/oracle/home/appldev3' PARAMETER4,
      invoice_no||'.pdf' PARAMETER5,
      'true' PARAMETER6
      FROM xxvm_trx_invoice_bip_headers_v

      but gettting error

      Delivery failed.
      [INSTANCE_ID=ora-dev6-bipub1.1356050293291] [SUBJOB_ID=1465]
      Document delivery failed
      [INSTANCE_ID=ora-dev6-bipub1.1356050293291] Error sending job to delivery queueoracle.xdo.servlet.scheduler.ProcessingException: Error sending job to delivery queue
      at oracle.xdo.enterpriseScheduler.bursting.BurstingReportProcessor.sendToDeliveryQueue(BurstingReportProcessor.java:540)
      at oracle.xdo.enterpriseScheduler.bursting.BurstingReportProcessor.onMessage(BurstingReportProcessor.java:130)
      at oracle.xdo.enterpriseScheduler.util.CheckpointEnabledListener.onMess

      Split is also done but failing at the time of delivery

      Split Key and Value:
      Splitted by Value     703224699

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