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    javafx database examples

      Hello everybody.

      I´m new in JavaFx and also new in Java. Now I´m studing both, Java & JavaFx.

      I'm following the examples that come with JavaFx documentation the last was IssueTracking example. But I dont find anyone that show me what I want really to see.

      For example, a normal Form conected to a Database, how to call a procedure or a function stored in OracleDB, a Master-Detail form, also how it work saving float and double numbers, how to manage date items and how to use a LOV .

      Can somebody send me some links where I can see those examples ?

      Thanks in advanced & regards everybody.
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          Go to the JavaFX samples page, and use the download link to download the sample source.


          One of the downloaded samples will be the Henley Sales data application.
          It demonstrates how to connect a JavaFX client to a database connected application server via a rest client.

          If you want to directly connect your JavaFX application to a database, take a look at Narayan's sample:

          Your other questions about things like LOBs (I guess that's what you meant) are best asked on a Java Database forum, such as something dealing with JDBC or JPA rather than the JavaFX forum as they are not JavaFX specific.

          Also note that there is no high level JavaFX framework support for something like a Master-Detail form - so you will have to write a chunk of code yourself to provide such functionality - be aware that this is a non-trivial thing to achieve for somebody new in both JavaFX and Java.
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            Thanks, Im downloading the examples-

            I will let the question open maybe somebody send me more links to can test.

            Thanks again & regards.