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    Import script out put as text

      Hi All,

      I want to import the data from the SQL tables into fdqm.If i write a integartion script it was loading directly into table.But my requirement was i want to write a script which will generate a text file in inbox folder.

      I tried the script in befimport event it worked perfectly but when i add this script as the import script the file was not generating.

      Please help me on this.

      Thanks in advance.
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          You will need to create a process that generates the data to a .txt file prior to import and then create an import format to parse the source file.
          Or you can use a Integration script that pulls the data directly from the source table into the FDM Work Tables.
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            Can we create a process that when user clicks on import which will create a .txt file and loads into FDM by using an import formate ?
            If we can create can you please let me know how we can achieve that.

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              There is not an out of the box method to do this. It may be possible with customizaztions, however I don't really see a way of doing this. You will most likely need to extract the data from the Database Table first and place the file in the inbox and then write your import format to parse the file and have users select the file from the inbox.

              Or if you are looking for a lights out process place the file in open batch and then use the batch loader to process the files.
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