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    Combining two Waterfall Dashboard report Graphs

      Hello all

      Im trying to combine 2 Waterfall graphs from 2 reports. Both reports have the same type of data/columns except that the filters are slightly different.
      The filters are different in the way that the 1st report is being filtered so that only the Start value column and the Final value column are shown in the graph across time(months).
      The 2nd graph/report is filtered so that it only shows the 'Change/variance' that occurs monthly between the values between the Start and the Final value.

      The reason why i have split them up is so that i can assign different colours to the 1st graph columns (Start value & Final value) and a different colour to the 'variance' columns.

      The logic i used is to create the 2 graphs with the desired colouring and then simple merge them, the only issue being that i cannot see an option to do so.
      Does anyone know if this is even possible?

      Any help will be much appreciated!

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