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    text interpretation problem on OS X 10.8.2

      i've installed the java jdk 7u11 on OS X 10.8.2, and updated some time ago the default java jdk (to the version 6u39).
      both the versions seems to have the same problem:
      in every java-based application wih GUI componenets some of the symbols i type behave in a strange way:

      " | " ( pipe symbol ) is invisible on the GUI (it acquires the input but do not shows it at all)
      " ( " (parentesi sinistra ) is views as a smaller pipe symbol

      there is an example:

      [http://s8.postimage..../ANTLR_grab.png ]

      the correct version should be :

      prog :     (expr SEMIC)*;
      expr : TRUE expr1 | FALSE expr1 | INT expr1;
      expr1 : PLUS expr1  | MINUS expr1 | AND expr1 | OR expr1 | ;