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    Invalid Session Id: Oracle SOA 11g invoking Salesforce API WSDL


      We are integrating SOA 11g to SFDC through Salesforce Enterprise WSDL,
      BPEL process successfuly make call to SFDC using login operation by providing username and password.
      Login response such as session id and server URL is used to make subsequent call to other operation such as update. But BPEL process fail for this call and return error message saying
      "Invalid Session ID"

      But when I try to test from SOAPUI everything works fine.

      Below is the code snippet of call to update operation of SFDC from BPEL.
      <invoke name="Invoke2Update"
      partnerLink="SFDCEnterpriseWebservice" portType="ns1:Soap"
      operation="update" bpelx:invokeAsDetail="no"
      <bpelx:inputProperty name="endpointURI" variable="EndPointURI"/>

      Please advise, Thanks inadvance.