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    Use of CEP in Contact Canter


      I am building a Contact Center, where users will report their complaints using mail and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.).

      If many users are reporting similar problems (like a particular ATM not working/not having cash), I want those problems to be treated as one.

      I understand that I will have to use CEP for that, but I am not able to understand how it will be used.

      Please give me some pointers.


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          Junger He-Oracle
          Hi Nitin,

          Perhaps the following docs is helpful:

          A quick answer is:
          1) OEP is an application server
          2) An OEP application, which is a OSGI bundle, is comprised of Inbound Adapter, Event Channel, Processor, User Bean / Outbound Adapter
          3) The business logic is usually implemented in processor's CQL queries.