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    SES and Discussions integration. Successfully indexed but still no results

      Hello. I'm working on SES integration in our portal and I found some strange issue. Right now I'm working on Discussions forum crawling. I had created crawler as described in documentation (here: http://portal.intelitur.com/webcenterhelp/faces/helppages/main.jspx;jsessionid=DppRQ8yGtZf6ctJShNgxySJ2jXlv2Zg0LkT6pLCpnSPhJQnJy39T!1369545269!1175791655?locale=es-ES&vtTopicFile=wcadm%2Fwcadm_search030.htm&config=OHW+Servlet&_adf.ctrl-state=9g8si75rz_4 ) and as followed by SES server crawling statistics all topics that I had created are successfully indexed (number of indexed documents eqals to number of records in FORUMCRAWLER_VW database view). But, searching some threads or messages with SES gives no results. I saw some similar issues around some forums and blogs that are still not solved. Can you advice me something to make forum threads and messages searchable by SES? Thank you.

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