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    Upgrading to OVM 3.2.1 - moving to MySQL


      We're planning an upgrade from 3.1.1 to 3.2.1. We read the part where OVM no longer uses Oracle DB XE as back-end and only offers an upgrade path to SE.

      However, it looks like it is entirely possible to
      - recover the UUID of the old OVM Manager
      - install an 3.2.1 OVM Manager with MySQL from scratch applying that UUID
      - shut down the old OVMM and rediscover everything on the new one

      Has someone already done this, preferably with success?
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          just finished what you described. First I wrote down my UUID, and then upgraded OVM servers, one by one on OracleVM Server 3.2.1 version. Of course, firstly I have migrated virtual machines on other OVM servers and then upgraded. I was still using "old" OVM Manager (upgraded OVM servers was shown with warning "Server/Manager version mismatch").
          After all OVM servers being upgraded I uninstalled all from old OVM Manager(XE DB, Java, WebLogic...) and then mounted OVM Manager 3.2.1.iso and run:
          ./runInstaller -u <MY_UUID>
          and selected "Simple installation".
          When installation was completed, I logged on new OVM Manager console, and discovered my servers. Finally, I refreshed repository content and everything worked just fine.

          Hope this helps.

          Best regards,
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            Terry Phelps
            A followup question:

            Must the servers be upgraded first? Or can the manager be upgraded (or freshly installed with same UUID) first? Or does it matter?

            Also, does the server ISO understand "upgrade"? Or do you just install, and completely overwrite things?
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              This post is a great help. . Here's a reference in the 3.2.1 upgrade manual

              *5.1. Upgrading Overview*
              When upgrading Oracle VM, you must upgrade Oracle VM Manager first, then upgrade the Oracle VM
              Servers managed by Oracle VM Manager.

              So I will risk upgrading OVMM first. Then if all goes well I can perform OVM Server upgrade via yum...

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                How'd it go for you? I'm hoping to do this tomorrow...