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    Fault/Error Handling in Human Task

      We are using Oracle BPM
      1. I create "synchronous" BPM process containing Human Task. Is synchronous process containing Human Task correct? When I invoke this process through EM console, it hangs, i.e. I can not interact with EM console any more. I think the reason is, Human Task activity when executed expects human interaction. I am correct?

      2. I create "asynchronous" BPM process containing Human Task. I invoke it and it runs properly. I login to workspace and work on task.

      My main question is: "Asynchronous" process executes Human Task and waits for Human Interaction. My process is invoked by Java. How will calling Java code know if execution was successful? If any fault/error occurs how can I notify? How will I notify calling Java code if human task encountered any error?

      Please let me know if my question is not clear.

      Many Thanks.