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Ways of applying archives to DR

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Hi All,

I was asked the following question in an Interview.
You have a DR that is out of sync with the production database let's say for 2 days then which is the best possible approach to bring the DR in sync with the production database ASAP
Consider: DB:11g and OS: linux

I gave an usual answer saying that just transfer the archives and fire
recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;
I think there is another way to make it ASAP and that is using RMAN.

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    that is Roll Forward Physical Standby Database using RMAN incremental backup see

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    Rollforward physical standby database using rman incremental backups

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    Possible answers ..

    + Above Incremental Roll Forward

    1. Re-create standby database using rman duplicate target database


    2. Restore archives from Backup/Tape & transfer to stby & register logfiles

    3. Transfer archives to standby archive location & fire alter database register logfile '<arch_file>';

    4. Transfer archives to standby & catalog location using RMAN>catalaog start with '<arch_location>';

    5. And sql 'alter database recover managed standby database disconnect from session' in mount mode you know

    Ajay More


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