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    Oracle Pre Built Integration 11.2 configuration issue

      I installed Pre Built Integration 11.2 in Oracle AIAFP After installation I tried to configure by using "Deployment Configuration Wizard" and following the below steps mentioned in the Oracle document

      4. Navigate to <AIA_Instance>/bin and run the command source aiaenv.sh for
      Linux based systems and aiaenv.bat for Microsoft Windows to configure the
      5. Navigate to <AIA_HOME>/bin and run the command ./aiaconfig.sh for
      Linux based systems and aiaconfig.bat for Microsoft Windows.
      This launches the AIA DCW.
      6. Click Next.

      However the DCW "Deployment Configuration Wizard" is not listing any of the pre built integration for deployment in the second screen(after welcome screen)

      Please let me know if any specific configuration has to performed or how to resolve this.