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    Error Unit Test "argument(s) have unsupported type"


      i have a problem with creating a unit test for a package function that have arguments of type xmltype and
      user defined object types.

      My SQL Developer Version is! Oracle Version is 11.2!

      The Package Function has the following specification:
        function Get(
            fpsrRetVal in out xmltype
          , fpnId number
          , fparData out ctc_businessPartner_obt
        ) Return number;
      At the moment it only returns the value 0 (for testing ;-))

      The Object Type uses an inheritance:
      create or replace type std_id_list_cln force as table of number;
      create or replace type ctc_businessPartner_obt force as object(
          id number(20)
        , name varchar2(2000)
        , fk_main_address number(20)
        , addresses_ids std_id_list_cln
      )not instantiable not final;
      create or replace type ctc_person_obt force under ctc_businessPartner_obt(
          lastname varchar2(2000)
        , middlename varchar2(2000)
        , dateofbirth date
        , hobbies_ids std_id_list_cln
        , constructor function ctc_person_obt (id number) return self as result
      create or replace type ctc_company_obt force under ctc_businessPartner_obt(
          addition varchar2(2000)
        , lform varchar2(100)
        , constructor function ctc_company_obt (id number) return self as result
      As you can see a really simple example with inheritance.

      So, when want to create a Unit Test from the Unit Test Panel and choose the function Get then
      I get the following error:

      The Type UNDEFINED or argument FPSRRETVAL is not supported. The type OBJECT of argument
      FPARDATA is not supported. Cannot test GET because 2 argument(s) habe unsupported types.

      Can anybody give me a good advice?


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