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    Calculating Remain Finish Date/ Remain Start Date

      I have an issue where I can't change the finish date because the following error message: Remain Finish date cannot be earlier than Remain Start Date.
      I want to change end date to Jan 25 but it keeps calculating/inputting Feb. 18

      All the Predecessor for this activity and the activity start date have been Actualized (December 21 or December 12). I do notice that Early Start for this activity is Feb. 18.
      I tried modifying the Duration: "remaining" and "at complete". I kept "remaining" at 0d; which keeps the date to Feb. 18; however, the "at complete" also gave me an same error message as above.

      1.) How do they calculate Remain Finish Date/Remain Start Date?
      2.) From my observation, my assumption is that early start is causing the calculation of Remain Start Date to stay at Feb. 18. If my assumption is correct, what do I need to push it back to mid-January?
      3.) What should I do?
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          The early start of Feb 18th means either a constraint or another acitivity is pushing it out the start to Feb 18th (or you data date is set there).

          Check to see if there are any constraints on the activity.

          Even though you say the predecessors are actualized, running with retainined logic will cause any acitivities to push out if ANY predesessors are not statused. You will need to look at the predecessors of the predecessors (in some cases all the way back to the first activity).

          You can fix this by breaking the links to the non-finished predecessors or by changing the retained logic setting to progress override in the schedule options menu. This is usually not recommended and can cause unrealistic schedules.

          Try and find an activity that ends on Feb 17th. More than likely this activity will be tied to the one you want to change.
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            Thank you! I found the predecessor of the predecessor of the activity that was causing the problem. Thank you again!