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    NULL and Unspecified in Dashboard prompts after upgrading 10g to 11g OBIEE

    Raghu Nagadasari
      Hi All,

      We are working on OBI upgradation project from 10g to We are facing one issue in Dashboard prompt level. If we can create Dashboard prompt on a column, its giving "NULL", "Unspecified" additionally. But, in 10g there are no extra values.

      And the 10g, 11g instances are pointing to the same database and there are no NULL, Unspecified values in Database level.

      Through some blogs and articles we found some solutions n are below.

      To remove NULL:

      -->Go to the Physical Column properties in Physical Layer and Disable the Nullable option by uncheck the box.

      -->Go to the Database Features in Physical Layer and disable value to NULL_SUPPORTED.

      -->Go to Edit Dashboard Prompt, in Choice List Values drop-down list select SQL Results.

      To remove Unspecified:

      -->Go to Edit Dashboard Prompt, in Choice List Values drop-down list select SQL Results, then write the SQL statements as columnname is not equals to "Unspecfied" ( In this way we can able to remove Null's also.)

      -->Go to Content tab of LTS, in Where clause write an SQL query to restrict Unspecified values.

      Note: CHeck with ETL, because if they maintains the Default value is Null when the Datatype is Character and they can maintain 9999 or #### if the datatype is Numeric. And check the Physical query and debug it carefully.

      But, we have very big Repository and we have huge no.of Dashboard prompts. So, its not an easy thing to manage by using above solutions. Correct me if there are any mistakes in above.

      Any ideas on this...?

      Appreciate your help on this..!

      Thanks in Advance,

      Raghu Nagadasari