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    SBL-DBC-00104 error using External Business Component

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to use a EBC for querying datas in the Export View. It works fine the most of the times but in some querys, it shows the error

      SBL-DBC-00104: Error retrieving next record from the database.
      ORA-24345: A Truncation or null fetch error ocurred

      Looking for the cause of these errors, I have discovered it ocurrs in a calculated field. This field has this calculated value

      [Accion Cargo Modificado por] + ' - ' + [Updated By]

      The problem of this is in [Accion Cargo Modificado por] value. In database, this field has the value "RED_DESARROLLORED_SUP" and, after looking for SBL-DBC-00104 in google, I thought that the reason could be the length of this value, too long, but the fields [Accion Cargo Modificado por] and [Updated By] have the same length that the fields in database. Any idea about how put a length limit in a calculated value? can it be wrong because is a EBC? (I haven't this error in a similar BC with the same fields)

      thanks in advance