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    OIM - OID11g Connector Logging

      Hi All,

      I have updated the logging.xml as below to enable the logging for OIM -OID Connector but I can't see anything in the file (File is created but it has no logs):

      <log_handler name='oid-handler' level='TRACE:32' class='oracle.core.ojdl.logging.ODLHandlerFactory'>
      <property name='logreader:' value='off'/>
      <property name='path' value='/u01/oracle/iam_middleware/user_projects/domains/IAMdomain/oidconnector.log'/>
      <property name='format' value='ODL-Text'/>
      <property name='useThreadName' value='true'/>
      <property name='locale' value='en'/>
      <property name='maxFileSize' value='5242880'/>
      <property name='maxLogSize' value='52428800'/>
      <property name='encoding' value='UTF-8'/>

      <logger name="OIMCP.OID" level="TRACE:32" useParentHandlers="false">
      <handler name="oid-handler"/>
      <handler name="console-handler"/>

      Please help.

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          Firstly I would normally manage OIM 11g logging through Oracle Enterprise Manager rather than directly in a logging.xml file, with log information appearing in the OIM server diagnostic log rather than a dedicated log file as you have done. That is not to say what you are doing is wrong (I cannot comment as I have never managed OIM 11g logging in this way.)

          The other thing that may be wrong is the logger you are using. You have logger OIMCP.OID. For my OIM11g OID connector logging I am using the standard logger of XL_INTG.OID.
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            Did you restart oim server after updating logging.xml? if not, restart it then try to test.
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              As mentioned by duncandb the logger name might be wrong. Now sure which version of OID connector you are using but in the past I have seen the documentation being wrong then what is actually in the code. Thus as a thumb rule, decompile/use reflection on the connector code to determine the exact logger.