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    Booting issues

      Hello folks,

      I have Windows 7 Machine, I am trying to remove the 7 from my machine and planning to make it as Linux machine. Now i installed Linux 5.4 32bit in my machine, while installing linux i selected REMOVE THE EXISTING PARTITIONS AND CREATE DEFAULT, after finishing the installation i am getting an error X-server is not yet set some thing like that and i am not able to open GUI, after some time in CUI mode also i am not able to work, after i try to boot windows 7 but its not booting. Is there any process to rollback to windows?

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          Generally no. You will have to restore the system from a backup or reinstall it from scratch. There is certainly not enough technical information in your posting to provide any kind of troubleshooting. Enterprise Linux is not designed for desktop or mobile computers. Perhaps you might want to look into free Oracle VirtualBox, which allows you to install and run any OS worth mentioning without jeopardizing your primary operating system. https://www.virtualbox.org.
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