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    Cataloge Metadata - 11gr2

      hi all,

      I need to know that what is the use of

      Approver User / Approver Role     
      Certifier User / Certifier Role
      Fulfillment User / Fulfillment Role     

      provided in the catalog, how these can be used in the request approval workflow?

      I have a simple scenario that I want to send the request for Provisioning an application to one Role that I created in IDM 11gR2 and after getting approval from any member of this role the application should be provisioned to the requester.

      In 11gR1 there was an approval policy placed in SOA with the name of default/ResourceAuthorizerApproval!1.0 I need the same kind of stuff in 11gR2....
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          any comments?
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            These are default catalog item attributes which are set by the catalog administrator for each app instance. These details are available to the SOA composite to route the request to the appropriate approver.

            There is a sample tutorial in the developer's guide.


            In this tutorial the approval workflow is routed based on the risk level attribute and also Fulfillment Role attribute. Try this sample workflow and you will get a clear idea how to achieve your use case.