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    Force User to change position when they login

      Dear All
      We are running Siebel 8 on Oracle DB( on solaris 10.
      Our business has different "point Of sale'/Location of sale, which in Siebel is represented as Positions.
      So, need a solution to force /promt/pop-up message the user to change from their primary position to current Point of sale/Position at every login.
      The 'Change Position' option is already available, but I need to force them to 'Change Position'.

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          Hello Mustu,

          I can think of a eScript approach wherein on Application_Start event you do a GoToView to the Change Positions view. Use profile attributes to check if the user has indeed changed his position in this view and then only allow users to navigate to a different view by capturing this in the Application_PreNavigate method.

          In case I can think of some other approach other than the above script approach I will chime in again.

          Warm Regards,
          Tanmay Jain.