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    how to inherit property class

      hello experts,
      i am using forms 10g. i created a property class in form a.
      save and compile. now i wanted to inherit that property class in form b.
      for this i subclass it from form a to form b.
      when i close the form a, it showing the message
      frm:18108 error
      source module: formA
      source object my_property (property class)

      as we say we can inherit property classes , please help me how?

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          In order for FORM B to find the Property Class in FORM A, FORM A must be in a directory that is part of the FORMS_PATH. It is always a good idea to create a GLOBAL.FMB (or what ever you want to call the form) or an Object Library (.OLB) that contains all of your objects that will be subclassed in other forms. Then put this .FMB or .OLB in a directory that is in your FORMS_PATH. This lets you store all of your subclass source objects in one location.