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    Error Running  CI through AE

      Dear All,

      Error when I run through AE (Process scheduler)
      HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Caching.RegistryCache.OnExecute Name:RebuildServiceElementCache PC PC:16427 Statement:322 Called from:HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Caching.RegistryCache.OnExecute Name:GetService Statement:33 Called from:HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Caching.CacheManager.OnEx ecute Name:GetCachedRegistryElement Statement:7 Called from:HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Utilit ies.ServiceManager.OnExecute Name:LocateService Statement:35 Called from:SCC_PERSON_SOA_CONSUMER.P ersonService

      I get exist data.

      I Testing data from CI in application designer ,can get data. Test Excel to CI Can create and update.

      I use same CI same user login.