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    Which UML diagram to use to show where files are produced/consumed

      Slightly abusing the purpose of this forum, but here is the closest I can get to UML, within the OTN forums...

      How in UML could I visually highlight the files that my system processes?

      My system does something along the lines of:
      <li>Server 1 produces file of type 1
      <li>Server 2 processes this file:
      <li> - sends back file of type 2 to server 1
      <li> - saves data
      <li>User can query server 2 to export data in file of type 3
      <li>User can request server 2 to send data (let's say, file of type 4) to some mobile phone

      The options I considered are:
      - I could describe that as a sequence diagram or an interaction diagram, but I can't find a way then to display each file as its own box, and where it comes form, which is the key information to convey.
      - I had a look into process modelling (http://www.itu.dk/courses/SMD/F2008/TH/EFHT05PAIS.pdf) and business process modelling (http://www.sparxsystems.com/downloads/whitepapers/The_Business_Process_Model.pdf), but neither seems to enable to make that explicit either.
      - Of course I can also describe that as a Powerpoint diagram, but I'd like to stick to one single tool.

      Do you have another suggestion?
      Best regards,