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    EPM uninstallation

      I have been trying to uninstall EPM.
      This is how I have done. Used the Start-> Oracle EPM System -> Uninstall EPM.
      I get the Uninstallation screen. (On the left, where we see the WELCOME, PRODUCT SELECTION, CONFIRMATION, UNINSTALLATION, SUMMARY, I can get to the UNINSTALLATION SCREEN, and on the left it says
      Uninstalling Planning
      Done uninstalling planning
      and at the bottom, I see that BLUE think moving, but I do not get past that point.
      Am I doing something wrong?
      Is there a specific way of uninstalling EPM system overall?
      Thanks for the help.
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          If you are not able to automatically uninstall then probably worth having a read of the following doc in Oracle Support - "Perform a Clean Uninstall of EPM 11.1.2 on Microsoft Windows [ID 1140553.1]"