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    Hyperion Essbase Training


      I'm interested in pursuing some advanced training in Hyperion/Essbase. I know the basics and have done a good deal of development in block storage environment. I'd be interested in acquiring some further knowledge in the following areas:

      1. Optimising business rules/calc scripts so they run more efficiently
      2. Coding more effectively to ensure maximum efficiency i.e. Using IF blocks as opposed to nested IFs, improving the performance time of a CALC DIM where we have a number of sparse dimensions to consolidate and these dimensions contain a considerable amount of members
      3. Managing ESSBASE DB configuration via EAS more effectively and understanding this
      4. Applying patches and knowing where to search for files etc
      5. More understanding of DB structure/plan types to be able to perform back ups and restores more easily
      6. More thorough Understanding DB memory implications i.e. pag files, index files, cache memory

      I'd be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has attended a course recently be it with Oracle or a 3rd party/Oracle partner. I recently attended an OBIEE course with Peak Indicators and found them very good but they do not seem to have any courses available in the aforementioned areas.

      Kind Regards.........