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    SiteStudio and placeholder with jsp

      I'd like to add placeholder in sitestudio on a jsp page .
      The documentation only mention a tag : <wcm:placeholder> , but it sounds to work only for SSXA.
      Anyone has an idea on how to do that (Tag from hscp page doens't work )?
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          Actually, a placeholder had existed long time ago before SSXA. It comes from the good old Site Studio.

          But one by one:

          a) is this thread misplaced? To me it looks as a pure WebCenter Content question.
          b) Site Studio is still alive - check this document: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e10613/c01_introduction.htm#SSDES114 (this link explains also hcsp/jsp/asp status quo)
          c) SSXA intended to provide Site Studio's functionality for generic web apps (with few additional libraries deployed on an app server) whilst using more standard IDE (JDev), but it is not a superset to Site Studio
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            Daniel Merchán

            This is Oracle WebCenter Portal forum.

            For questions related to Oracle WebCenter Content (formerly UCM) and Site Studio try in: WebCenter Content

            If you are in SiteStudio and not in SSXA you have to use IdocScript. For example:
            You have tags doc here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/doc.1111/e10615/c09_idoc_script.htm#CIHCAADE

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              Thanks a lot for your answers, and sorry for the mistake in the thread placement. If an admin could move it to the right place..
              I know pretty well the idoc function <!--$wcmPlaceholder("placeholderName")-->, but apparently it could only be used in HSCP files that support IdocScript.
              Apparently it is not possible to use it in a JSP file (In the good old sitestudio), and the tag from my first post doens't work either.
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                I'm afraid it can't be moved. The best might be to close this thread and open a new one in the correct forum as not many Content people might monitor the Portal forum as well.

                Well, I do :-)

                Either way, please, provide more details about your question. Placeholder is more a concept, so it should be quite irrelevant what syntax you use (of course, you need to use the correct one in the correct context). You seem to insist on using JSPs, SSXA-like syntax, but no SSXA. Why? Please, use as much plain language as possible.