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    Oracle Forms Applet Inside an iframe

      We are trying to embed an “Oracle Forms” applet into an ADF screen, therefore we took the “Oracle Forms” applet html code and we’ve put it into an iframe, then the communication between ADF and “Oracle forms” is done using javascript.

      Everything is working fine, but sometimes the applet hangs and it does not respond anymore, moreover the JRE (at the client PC) logging and tracing files are enabled and they do not reveal anything weird before the freeze.

      So I guess the questions are:
      •     Did somebody tried to do that before??? Is the applet supposed to work fine inside an iframe?
      •     Is there is a better way of doing that?
      •     How do we debug the applet freezing??? is there is a software that help us to low level debug what was the applet doing before the freeze?

      Thank you in advance.