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    Sharing WL Binaries in Cluster between Managed Servers

      Hi Experts,

      I am setting up a 2 node Weblogic Cluster with AdminServer and a SOA managed server on host1 and another SOA managed server on host2 using Weblogic 11g ( I am doing that on OEL 5.5 OS VMs. I have created a created a shared filesystem /u01 on which installed the weblogi

      /u01/app/oracle/product/middleware/wlserver_10.3 , I only installed it on first node and is being shared with second node. Created AdminServer and soa_server1 on host1 and soa_server2 on host2 in a cluster soa_cluster. Then using pack.sh seperated the AdminSever from managed servers.

      As I am shared WL_HOME and using the following command starting nodemanager.

      cd $WL_HOME/server/bin
      ./startNodeManager.sh &

      Problem is that as this is a shared WL home so I am only able to start once instance of soa_serverx at a time from the admin console. As these instance are creating the lck and log files at the same directory and overwritting the logs. How I can have seperate nodemanager.properties and logs location for both managed servers.

      Also as I am setting up this cluster first time by googling around and searching over the forums so If someone can help a complete setup of SOA cluster doc or step that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reviewing my issue.

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          Any help here please.

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            Kishore Rout
            Hi Naveed,
            As per you description, this will work.

            1. Using pack.sh and unpack.sh utility you have created SOA managed server-1 in different domain directory other than that admin server domain directory.
            2. Similarly you have to create SOA managed server-2 in second server.

            See weblogic server is intelligent enough to handle separate log,lock files for each clustered managed server in separate directory though the parent directory is shared between servers.

            For nodemanger, you start node manger from server1 and server2 using below command though they have shared a common folder.
            server-1: nohup ./startNodeManager.sh > nodemanager1.log &
            server-2: nohup ./startNodeManager.sh > nodemanager2.log &

            make sure from admin console that SOA1 managed server attached to machin1 node manager and SOA2 managed server attached to machin2 node manager.
            then from admin console start both the clustered managed server.

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              Suresh KB
              You can resolve this by updating StartNodemanager.sh to use the server directory instead of using common directory.


              e.g. Nodemanager on server1 will use {WL_HOME}/common/nodemanager/server1
              Nodemanager on server2 will use {WL_HOME}/common/nodemanager/server2

              hope this helps