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    12c Console reports two agents on one target, I don't understand why


      I have completed the installation and upgrade from 11g to OEM12c Cloud Control using the 2-System method and am in the process of deploying/configuring the 12c agents on numerous hosts. On one particular host after successful deployment/configuration of the 12c agent I bring up the 12c console, choose the target in question (there were metric collection errors but those were resolved, not sure if that is pertinent), drill down and under the hosts tab choose related targets. I see two agents displayed.

      One agent, the active one is displayed as <hostname>:3872 and is up. The other is displayed as agent12c1_3_<hostname> and shows as n/a. Drilling down to the <hostname>:3872 shows the metrics and performance information of the agent and all is well. But under the monitored targets it lists the agent12c1_3_<hostname> agent and a database target named <sid>.<domain>oracledatabase_home. Both are listed as n/a.

      Drilling down to the agent12c1_3_<hostname> agent shows tabs for products, patchsets and a list of patches which have been applied.

      From the setup -> agents dropdown this agent does not appear. This second agent did not appear when the host was viewd using the 11g OEM Console.

      I haven't been able to find any information as to the source of this, where the agent came form, what configured it and what will happen if I try and remove it. Has anyone else encountered this situation? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman