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    EM error

      I login in EM using weblogic user then it return error like prompt box compatibility objects.the i click cancel.After my left side panel it shows each entry with combo box type.
      I am not able to right click set security policy.

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          Reddy G
          may be browser compatibility..did u checked in other Browsers..
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            I have installed OBIEE

            IE8 explorer

            Error:"The current compatibility setting is not supported.Disable comapatibility View before running this web page."

            I have 2 box.one for boxA and Test box.
            BoxA-->I can able to right click then go to security-->Application role
            But Test Boxa-->Not able to right click it and shows click box.

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              Reddy G
              goto Tools and Click Developer Tools (or press F12)and check the compatibility view...as i said Did u check the same in other browsers?
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                Yes i checked another browser like chrom and mozill but still same problem.
                But Boxa working fine.

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                  Go to login to weblogic EM ---> Next to Logout menu there will be Setup menu just clik --> My Preference-->
                  click on Accessibility --->Uncheck all check box (I use a screen reader) then click on apply button then test,