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    How to implement contextInfo facet for af:inputDate Component


      I am using JDeveloper version
      I wanted to implement the contextInfo component for an af:inputDate component.
      According to the ADF tag document library, af:inputDate component does support has the "context" facet, which is essential for using the contextInfo component.

      Is there are any other way by which I can use the af:contextInfo component for af:inputDate. Kindly suggest.

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          Try the below code

          <af:inputText label="First Name" value="#{item.firstName}" columns="15" id="it7">
          <f:facet name="context">
          <af:contextInfo id="contextInfoFirstName">
          <af:showPopupBehavior align="beforeStart" popupId="::FirstNameContextPopup" triggerType="contextInfo"/>
          <af:popup id="FirstNameContextPopup" contentDelivery="lazyUncached">
          <af:dialog id="d23" title="Context Information about First Name" modal="false"> <af:outputText value="Some meaningful, context sensitive information about the First Name component and even better: the curr id="ot61"/> </af:dialog>