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    Configuration of an e-mail listening channel

      Hi all!

      I have configured en e-mail listening channel with user name set to test@sampledomain.com.

      When B2B connects to the e-mail server, it sends only test as user name for authentication. The log on process fails since the e-mail server demands that the user name is sent as test@sampledomain.com.

      It there any way I can get B2B to send the whole user name?

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          Anuj Dwivedi-Oracle
          Hi Knut,

          Few questions -

          1. How did you figure out that B2B is not sending the complete User name entered in the channel configuration?
          2. Which version of B2B are you working with?
          3. Which mail server and exchange (IMAP/POP) are you connecting to?

          User name field in channel configuration is used to configure the user name for server login.