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    BPM instance migration


      I have a question regarding bpm instance migration.

      Since PS4FP BPM support instance migration of running BPM instances. A very nice and usefull feature. When changing the BPM process, the change done has impact on the possibility to automatically migrate the instance. I encountered three options:
      The change to the underlying process is minor --> the process instances are migrated automatically
      The change to the underlying process is more complex --> the process instances need to be migrated manually
      The change to the underlying process issignificatnt --> the process instance cannot easily be migrated at all. Must be done manually

      As we have a lot of running process instances we want to avoid manual migration as much as possible. So when changing the process we want to try to make it a minor change. Is there documentation available describing what causes the instance to be migrated manually or not migratable at all?

      Bye, aldo
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          Any luck with the document for instance migration? I could find only one blog which I referred to - https://blogs.oracle.com/ateamsoab2b/entry/bpm_11g_deployment_instance_migration . I was facing some issues with the manual migration part - altering the request through process workspace.

          Can you please share any document you have on this topic.