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    Future of Oracle weblogic Portal?

      I do have a portal application running in weblogic portal 10.2 and i was wondering about the future of the product. Anybody knows how long oracle is planning to support weblogic portal 10.2? Can anyone tell me about the different options that i have? Should i upgrade my portal to the latest version of weblogic portal or should i migrate my weblogic portal application to webcenter portal? Can anyone shed some light?

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          Anybody knows how long oracle is planning to support weblogic portal 10.2?
          There is a document called Lifetime Support Policy: Oracle Fusion Middleware Products (available at http://www.oracle.com/us/support/lifetime-support/index.html) which states that WLP 10-10.2 will have:

          Premier Support ended March 2013
          Extended Support ended March 2015 (you will pay some extra fee if you want to be supported)
          Sustaining Support is indefinite

          For 10.3.x the dates are PS Jan 2016, ES Jan 2019

          In short term, and if you don't plan massive redesign, you should upgrade to 10.3.5. Then, you can prepare a migration project to WebCenter Portal. If you have major new requirement, you could already start to implement it in the WebCenter Portal - both portals can co-exist for some time.
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            Jiri, You are much helpful. Thought i will ask you few more questions

            1. Do you know what is oracle's future plan about portals? Are they going to continue with the product releases for weblogic portal? Or will they stop the entire product at a future date and ask users to migrate to some of their other portal products like webcenter?

            2. Currently i do have 2 options in terms of upgrade. Either i can go with WLP 10.3.5 or webcenter portal. Which one is advisable?

            Once again, thanks a lot for your inputs

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              ad 1) as far as I know 10.3.5. or 10.3.6 is the last planned release, there might be still bug-fixing patches for 10.3.4 and higher releases. WebCenter Portal is the only portal technology Oracle plans to develop in the future.

              ad 2) I can only repeat myself: if you want to avoid Extended Support, or you have a bug that needs to be fixed (and for sure won't be fixed in 10.2), you can upgrade to 10.3.5
              It can also help to co-exist with WebCenter Portal (I think co-existing WLP must be at least 10.3.2). The downside of this approach is that if you plan to migrate to WebCenter Portal soon, this upgrade effort will be wasted.

              As Oracle employee I'd advise to migrate to WebCenter Portal, but not necessarily right away.
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                Thanks Jiri. Do you have a similar support timelines for the webcenter portal? The doc only says about the Oracle WebCenter Portal 11.1.1.x * versions, but doesnt say anything specific about the different versions within the webcenter portal. The current support dates are PS : Jun 2014 / ES : Jun 2017 for Webcenter portal. I was worried if i do a code upgrade to webcenter, then will i be forced to do another upgrade soon? At the same time, WLP 10.3.5 gives an exteneded support till Jan 2019.

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                  You are a very good observer.

                  PS usually ends 5 years after a new version is released. WebCenter 11g is here for a while, and so far, it is the last available version. On the other hand, it is the front-end technology for Fusion Apps, so it is clear it will continue. The reason why there is no 12c version yet is ADF - WebCenter Framework is an extension to ADF, and until ADF 12c don't exist, WebCenter 12c won't exist either. As for ADF, not long ago ADF 11.2 were released. I'm not sure if WebCenter 11.2 will follow, or ADF 12c will make it first (most likely we will know the answer later this calendar year). Either way, chances are that WebCenter 12c will be available before Jun 2014, or Oracle will give a guidance how to proceed for existing WebCenter customers.

                  What it means for you? I think it's just another good reason why you should not hurry with migration to WebCenter Portal.

                  One last remark: the current version of WebCenter (and ADF on which it is based) is Java EE 5 compliant, whilst WebLogic Server 12c (and ADF 12c once they exist) are (will be) Java EE 6 compliant. Java EE 6 seems to contain a lot of simplifications.
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                    Just checked the latest "Lifetime Support Policy, Coverage for Oracle Fusion Middleware Products – September, 2013" on http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/lifetime-support-middleware-069163.pdf

                    Page 28 shows "Oracle WebLogic Portal 10.3.x" with PS ends on Dec 2018 and ES ends on Dec 2021.


                    Has it been extended recently?



                    Bert van der Horst