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    SQL Developer -

      We're having a problem with a windows application where intermittently when loading data (adhoc only for rollouts, not a regular thing :) ) the new line characters show as boxes in the front end application. We've narrowed the problem down to how the new lines are stored in the database.

      SQL Navigator stores them correctly as Chr(13) || Chr(10) where SQL Developer is storing them as just Chr(10). I've tried setting the "Line Terminal" correctly to CR&LF (Windows) but that hasn't helped.

      Has anyone ever come across this before? The text being copied and pasted into SQL developer definitely has CR&LF but I reckon they're just being replaced by Developer. Woulda thought the "Line Terminal" woulda sorted it but apparently not.

      Checked with Oracle and they're happy that there aren't any conversions on the DB so it's 100% client related...

      Loading it from Windows 7, SQL Developer version and the db is version 10.2.02