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    How can I force DRM-BATCH-CLIENT to create a non-combined Book export

      We are running EPM and feeding master data from DRM to Planning via a Book.

      This process has been working fine run from a client. We export the Book and DRM delivers a zip file to the client PC which we can place on the server and load.

      We are now trying to automate the end to end process so are looking at using the DRM Batch Client.
      If we run with "CombineExportOutput=Y" we can create a single text file no problem.
      Whenever we set "CombineExportOutput=N" we can't get any export file created.
      We can also run an ExportType=Export for a single file.

      We really want to do is to get the same zip file with multiple dimension files inside it as we do when running from the client. How do we do this?
      The manual indicates that the files created take their names from the exports but I am not sure about where this comes from.
      The exports and books are set with a target of 'Client'

      Our redacted config file is show below:

      URL=net.tcp://<drmserver address>:5211/Oracle/DRM/ProcessManager
      OutFile= "C:\rja\DRM_Book\Plan_Book.zip"