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    OPA returns SOAP-Fault with HTTP 200 (OK) code!


      I'm calling OPA determinations server 10.2 via (specific) web services and if I pass invalid XML, for example by misspelling an XML element name, I am getting, as expected a SOAP Fault but it is coming back with an HTTP 200 (OK) status code. It should be returning a 500 level code.

      The reason this is a pain is that I am in fact calling it from OSB and if OPA behaved properly and returned a 500 status OSB would invoke the "Error Handler" code path but instead, by returning a 200 status it is returning the error as a "normal response so I am unexpectedly receiving a SOAP Fault object response in the "normal flow".

      Is this a known bug or is it a configuration parameter in the determiantion server? I suspect it's the former.